Spring 2014 Update

Following a successful presentation at the University of Florida Celebration of Innovation Startup Showcase in March, XDG Technologies is looking forward to the next steps for the company and the product:

  • Over the next several months, we will be formally presenting pitches in conferences as well as meeting one-on-one with individual potential investors, and establishing manufacturing and distribution contacts for a successful 2015.
  • We continue to move through the patent process with the assistance of the UF Office of Technology Licensing.
  • We are in the process of developing a finalized pre-manufacturing prototype of the device to gain FDA approval.
  • We have applied for a Small Business Administration (SBA) qualification and certification which allows small startups like ours to pay approximately 50% of all significant FDA fees. We hope to receive the SBA certification by May 2014.
  • We are in the process of applying for local, state and national grants to gain exposure with and attention from other government agencies and organizations, in addition to UF, as well as additional liquidity and financial viability for the company.
  • Because our founders, Mr. Hondal and Dr. Roig are both Hispanics, we will also focus on and target programs designed to assist minority owned companies.

We will always work with total effort to make this venture a success. Our mission is to help both the http://littlemagonline.com/tag/christian-roth/ human condition of the children/adults affected by polydactyly/skin tags and the financial condition of the stakeholders in our company.

Please visit this space regularly for updates in the months to come.