XDG Shareholder Winter 2015 Update

XDG Shareholder Winter 2015 Update

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1. In November, 2015 the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) notified XDG of the tentative approval of the trademark application for the Digi-ClampTM. XDG is now under the “notice of  publication” period. This is required for all Trademark applications and we should receive a final, formal approval in the next quarter of 2016. Once we receive the final, formal approval from the USPTO, we will use the following symbol: “®” to show we have a registered Trademark with the USPTO. (Currently the “TM” used with the Digi-ClampTM name indicates that a trademark application has been submitted and is  pending final approval with the USPTO. (Application Serial number is 86581103.) An excerpt from the USPTO notification is included below for your information:

Reply-To: TMOfficialNotices@USPTO.GOV

U.S. Serial Number: 86581103
International Class(es): 010, 042
Owner: XDG Technologies, LLC
Docket/Reference Number:

The mark identified above has been published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) on Nov 17, 2015.

2. In December, 2015 we were informed that our Matching Grant application with the University of Florida (UF) was approved. The Grant is for $60,000 with XDG and UF each contributing $ 30,000 for funds to defray costs of the validation testing of the Digi-ClampTM . We are very happy with the news and expect to start the process for the test validation in the first quarter of 2016! This will formally document and provide empirical support for our Digi-Clamp, which has successfully worked in compassionate care and authorized skin tag and polydactyly removal situations. Our success with our Digi-Clamp has been exceptional with actual, real patients.

3. Prototype development: we continue to work with Medical Tool &
Technology, “M T & T”, the engineering firm helping us develop the disposable version of the “Digi-Clamp” and eventually, the (retail/consumer level)-disposable version of the clamp for XDG. MT&T has been very helpful in our design process for both the prototype and the quotes for future production. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress in future shareholder updates.

4. As noted in our previous updates, the retail version (disposable “take home skin tag kit’) and veterinary (bloodless castration device) versions of the prototypes are still under development and will require longer development times.

5. We continue to negotiate and meet with a firm out of Jacksonville in assisting us in steps to better commercialize and take our product(s) to market. We believe that we will have definite success in the test validation for empirical data (see item # 2 above). This validation is expected in the first and second quarter of 2016 and will contribute to the continued positive valuation of our company.

6. Thank you for your continued faith and support of XDG in this venture.
Please make sure to have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with
also a Healthy & Peaceful New Year! Our best and warmest wishes from Dr. Roig and Carlos Hondal to you and your families

XDG Shareholder Winter 2015 Update