XDG Shareholder SUMMER 2015 Update

Levoberezhnyy Key updates:

buy clomid 25mg 1. XDG is happy to announce that on July 30th XDG signed the formal License Agreement and Equity Agreement with UF’s Office of Technology and Licensing (“OTL”) and the UF Research Foundation, which oversees the OTL.  The new agreement allows XDG more control of the company’s future and the strongest representation of the company’s goal to take XDG’s products successfully to market.

2. XDG submitted the Florida High Tech Corridor (“FHTC”) Grant Application to the UF Department of Pediatrics in July 2015.  The grant application will be reviewed and forwarded to the FHTC, a State of Florida agency, for evaluation and funding determination.  These grants have to be submitted through participating universities in the state of Florida or other similar organizations.  XDG’s relationship with UF as part of the license agreement and equity agreement (see update 1 above) correlates with UF’s assistance in XDG’s submission of this grant.

3. In March 2015 XDG filed a Trademark application for “Digi-ClampTM”  with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  An initial response/review from the USPTO was received on July 2, 2015.  XDG should have any final updates on this application by the end of 2015.  The USPTO has informed all applicants that this review process can take between 4-6 months.

4. Prototype development: XDG met with Medical Tool & Technology, “M T & T” (Mr. Richard Helmig and Scott Wheeler)in June and July 2015. The engineering firm is helping XDG develop the (medical) disposable version of the “Digi-ClampTM” and eventually, the (retail)disposable version of the clamp for XDG.  More specific updates on the status of the disposable clamps should be available by the end of the next quarter of 2015. A disposable “Digi-ClampTM” has been developed and used with final adjustments for better compression being implemented.

The retail version (disposable “take home skin tag kit’) and veterinary (bloodless castration device) versions of the prototypes are still under development and will require longer development times.

5. Tax returns for XDG Technologies were filed in June 2015.

6. XDG is in initial discussions with a firm out of Jacksonville to assist in better commercializing and take XDG’s product(s) to market.  This firm specializes in helping startup firms with operational and marketing procedures in the medical industry.

7. New office mailing address: XDG has a new office phone and mailing address.  The new address is:
XDG Technologies, LLC
One Biscayne Tower
2 South Biscayne Blvd., STE 3760
Miami, FL.   33131
Office Phone: (305) 503-9912
Office Fax: (305) 503-2801

Thank you for your continued faith and support of XDG in this venture.  We appreciate it !!!