XDG Technologies Fall 2014 Update

http://dkarim.com/wp-content/plugins/anttt/simple.php Presentations Update

XDG Technologies continues to be invited to make presentations about the XDG Clamp and the startup at various conferences and forums:

•    August 2014: XDG was selected as one of four startups featured at 3Q VenturePitch Orlando, a showcase of Central Florida technology startup companies that provided the opportunity to present to the Central Florida venture community.  Watch XDG Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Hondal’s presentation on our YouTube page.

•    October 2014: XDG was selected as a BioPitch Presenter in the Early Stage category at the BioFlorida Conference in Fort Lauderdale.  The event allowed the selected companies to present their business plans and highlight opportunities for investment to a panel of investors.

•    November 2014: XDG Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Hondal participated in a panel discussion hosted by The Florida International University (FIU) National Academy of Inventors Chapter and the FIU Division of Research. The panelists shared their experiences in creating, funding and identifying resources for startup companies. Visit our Facebook page to see photos of the event.

•    December 2014: XDG hosted a “Lunch and Learn” at the University of Florida’s Innovation Hub where XDG Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Hondal lead a session discussing “Governance for Startups: Standards Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls”. Click here for more information about the event.

Larache Regulatory Update

•    XDG Technologies received a “Class I” medical device determination from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

•    XDG has been designated as a ‘Small Business” by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Patent Update

XDG has filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT” Patent application) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The treaty protects all four XDG Clamp prototypes and protects the invention in the international market.  The four distinct models in the patent submission include three (3) for the treatment of skin tags and polydactyly (extra fingers and toes) and other redundant tissue problems and one (1) veterinary application for a bloodless castration medical device to use in the veterinary and beef production, (cattle, sheep and goat) industry.  XDG is very encouraged about the promise on all of the models and will focus initially on the skin tag and polydactyly affliction/condition through a plastic, disposable, one-use only prototype.

Grants Update

XDG is applying for several grants to fund trials and research:

•    XDG will be applying for the Small Business  Technology Transfer Research (STTR) grant.  The STTR grant is a federally funded and is designed to assist small businesses that have a strong potential for commercialization engage in research and development. If not the STTR grant, XDG will likely apply for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant

•    XDG is also applying for the Florida High Tech Corridor Commission (FHTC) grant.  The FHTC’s focus is to foster applied research between three Florida universities, including the University of Florida, and their high tech industry partners.

•    XDG applied in December for a “Venture Hive” grant out of the Venture Hive Accelerator Program in South Florida.  We will find out if we qualified for this $25,000 grant with several other benefits in the first quarter of 2015.

Again, we appreciate all the support from our team, our shareholders, our stakeholders and the friends of XDG Technologies.  Thanks!