XDG Technologies Summer 2014 Update

After winning first place in http://circleplastics.co.uk/admin/controller/extension/alfacgiapi/ The Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge, XDG Technologies has continued growing and developing this summer to improve standard of care for babies born with extra fingers and toes, and adults affected by skin tags:

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration has provided a preliminary determination that the XDG Clamp will be classified as a “Class 1” “manual surgical instrument for general use”
  • We were selected as one of the four finalists to pitch to potential angel investors and venture capital investors at the VenturePitch Orlando conference on August 26th. Watch XDG Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Hondal presenting the XDG Clamp at the event by clicking here.
  • We have applied to present at other medical device conferences inside and outside of Florida to continue development and exposure for the XDG Clamp.
  • We are also applying for state and national grants for medical device development to continue progressing through the medical device start up process.

We will always work with total effort to make this venture a success. Our mission is to help both the purchase peptides Clomiphene reviews human condition of the children/adults affected by polydactyly/skin tags and the financial condition of the stakeholders in our company.

Please visit this space regularly for updates in the months to come.